Denisa Teodora Barbur is the Founder of Arizona Senior Options. She has cultivated a passion for and dedication to helping the elderly due to her upbringing. She was raised by her grandparents, in a culture in which the elderly are central to the union of the family. Having worked as a certified caregiver and administrator alongside her mother, in the three family-owned assisted living group homes in the west Phoenix valley, Denisa has gained insightful understanding of the healthcare industry involving seniors. Her expertise also encompasses working as a territory marketing manager for a hospice and palliative care company in the state of Arizona.

Denisa graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Global Health from Barrett, The Honors College of Arizona State University. In her college career, she studied how psychology, sociology, anthropology, diseases, cultures, poverty and health are interconnected. From her in-depth studies of these wide-ranging subjects, Denisa has achieved a profound and personal understanding of the emotional, physical and financial challenges that can overwhelm seniors and their families. While in school, Denisa completed two study abroad programs in Europe, shaping her principles and awareness of the world around her. Denisa’s education and healthcare background, and her own personal experiences reinforced her desire to have a positive impact in other families’ lives. She has fostered a great sense of cultural-awareness and cultural-sensitivity, attributing her success to her passion for spreading awareness of health and care options to the community. Denisa’s attention to detail, compassionate and positive personality, along with her vow to excellence ensures that families will receive exceptional and quality services.

Anca Adriana Barbur is an owner, manager and administrator of three state licensed assisted living homes in the west Phoenix valley. Her sole focus has been on the care and service of seniors, particularly in the domain of senior mental health, with an emphasis on seniors suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. With more than twelve years experience and background in the Assisted Living industry, she has extensive knowledge on the complexities involved when a family is confronted during what can be a stressful, complex and emotionally sensitive time regarding the care of a loved one. Anca specializes in guiding and assisting seniors and families in the difficult decisions of coordinating care and the tender discussion of placement options.

As an active member of the community, Anca has built very close partnerships with senior organizations, churches, doctors, case workers, social workers, discharge planners, senior housing communities and many other individuals and organizations in the senior care industry to help them find the best and most comprehensive care option. Anca is a member of PASRS (Professional Association of Senior Referral Specialists) and the Southwest Chamber of Commerce, being recognized as an individual with integrity and charisma.

Anca continues to earn the respect and trust of Arizona’s healthcare professionals through her professional and enthusiastic personality and her commitment to excellence. Her diverse skill set and wide-ranging experiences will be a tremendous benefit to you as you search for the right senior assisted living facility or adult group home for your loved one.