Residential Assisted Living Homes, Adult Group Homes, Assisted Living Group Homes, or Senior Care Homes are single family homes, which are typically located in traditional homes and neighborhoods and have been converted into care facilities to offer elder care services for 5-10 residents. These types of senior living accommodation offer a smaller, more home-like family environment for seniors. Due to the high caregiver to resident ratio, residential care homes offer a greater flexibility and are able to adjust quicker to a residents’ changing needs and level of care. Assisted living group homes offer food services, supervised, personal and directed care, activities, health management and provide assistance with daily living, but do not typically have a medical professional on-site. While assisted living communities may offer extensive activities, such as senior aerobics and field trips, a residential assisted living group home is a better fit for someone who needs more individual, home-setting care.

Here are some of the basic services offered in residential care homes/ assisted living group homes:

• Comfortable private, or semi-private, rooms
• 24 hour assistance by on-site certified caregivers
• High resident to caregiver ratio
• Home visits from physicians, podiatrists, beauticians
• Hospice, respite and day care
• Diabetic and oxygen care
• Dietary accommodations
• Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
• Daily home cooked meals
• Laundry and housekeeping services
• Complete medication management & administration
• Toileting, catheter and incontinence care
• Social programs and activities
• Transportation & appointment scheduling